May 17, 2010

Ok mis niños… tenemos 3 pares de boletos para el show de JULIETA VENEGAS con XIMENA SARIÑANA en Los Angeles ( Mayo 19 CLUB NOKIA @ LA LIVE ) Las primeras 3 personas que hagan lo siguiente seran los ganadores:

1.- subir el volante del show (el que viene aqui abajito) en el muro (wall) del perfil de 10 de tus amigos en FACEBOOK. ( de preferencia que sea gente de los angeles o el area de california).

2.- enviarnos las imagenes de los (10) perfiles de tus amigos donde se vea claramente el volante en su muro. enviar a >>  arte@chidochido.com (esto puede hacerse tomando fotos con una camara digital… o  haciendo una “foto de pantalla” o “captura de pantalla” desde la misma computadora).

3.- las primeras 3 personas que hagan esto seran los ganadores y recibiran los boletos.

como sabras si tu eres el ganador ? a las personas que les contestemos via email diciendoles que son los ganadores seran los ganadores. a los que no les contestemos es porque enviaron su email demasiado tarde.

mucha suerte y nos vemos el 19 de Mayo en el CLUB NOKIA !


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  1. […] In today’s post from the “Missed the Boat” files, I bring you new music from the Mars Volta’s, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and his new crew. I’m convinced that he’s our generation’s Frank Zappa. Every three months or so, dude is releasing a new album in a different group. Most recently, he has come together with Mexico City chanteuse, Ximena Sariñana, and Aaron Cruz. The three comprise a El Trio de Omar Rodriguez Lopez and they released an album last February titled, “Ciencia de los Inutiles (Science of the Useless)” . I had seen that the album was another release in Omar’s arsenal of material, but I had overlooked the contributions from the other two parties. The sultry jazzy vocals from Ximena looped with Omar’s acoustic guitar is a formula that I would like to see revisited on many occasions. The style could be easily confused for a Devendra Banhart or Juana Molina , but not as frigid and very little freak outs to be found on the album making it the perfect choice in music to listen to when reading the paper on a Sunday morning. You can pick up the album here and for any of you in the SoCal area, catch Ximena Sariñana open up for Julieta Venegas this Wednesday. […]

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