September 12, 2011

About this event


Sharing ideas on how to keep growth in a sustained way. Experts on diverse fronts, talk about understanding a place like Valle de Guadalupe, respecting the environment, its people and work towards the integration of all stakeholders to create a world class destination, without losing its original culture.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Hugo D’Acosta
    Founder of Casa de Piedra Winery. Hugo’s vision and experience has largely influenced the development of the region’s wine and culinary industry.
  • Antonieta Beguerisse
    Executive Director for International Community Foundation in Baja. Toñe’s experience in the field of Social Development gives her an advantage to keep reaching for innovative ways to create self-sustained communities.
  • Edoardo Chavarin
    Co-Founder of NACO. Edoardo’s work in design has given a voice to a whole generation of young spirited urban who are willing to make fun of their own culture.
  • Pepe Mogt
    Pepe is Co-founder of Nortec Collective a music genre by itself, with Fussible and Latinsizer he captures the essence of urban life at the border and shares at the stage around the globe.
  • Jorge Gracia
    Founder of Gracia Studio, based in Tijuana, internationally recognized for architectural work that display, ingenuity as well as an innovative approach to design.




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